Wednesday, October 07, 2009

KFC a truth or hoax ? PETA's campagin against KFC

"KFC suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can’t even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds’ throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious. It would be illegal for KFC to abuse dogs, cats, pigs, or cows in these ways.

KFC’s own animal welfare advisors have asked the company to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so. Many advisors have now resigned in frustration."

This is at least what this site KentuckyFriedCruelty says.

To promote we have Pamela Anderson posing her famous skin.Although a lot of Hollywood stars seem to join the campaign.

Watch more videos at

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Friday, June 26, 2009

End of a Legend: Michael Jackson

Ahhh! This is shocking and Hard to believe, Jackson no more.

Born on August 28, 1958 - one of 9 kids. His father reportedly nicknamed him "Big Nose". Michael was born as a cute Afro-American guy, "Normal", and very talented. Despite of his past sad stories about his lonely, sad childhood, Mike grew up surrounded by famous people and an adoring public. At 5, Mike and his brothers were the amazing 'Jackson 5'. They played locally then in New York and Philly. They were "discovered" by Gladys Knight and pianist Billy Taylor at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem. By age 11, Michael was a Superstar. At 13, he went solo and had his first #1 hit at 14 with "Ben" (a touching love song to a rat). Who knew he'd get addicted to plastic surgery, face accusations of child molestation and end up America's Most Famous Sideshow?

Check out entire History & Face Lift article of Michael Jackson

What ever may be, but we can never deny how much we all love him and his music will live forever, Peace!


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rat Race for PM Elections: Advani copies OBAMA

Ok Guys, this has been a funny experience. Every other site I visit these days, I see two or three same mundane boring banners of LK Advani, without life of course.

First of all I would like to congratulate Mr. Advani for his internet awareness. But this is not all! Getting a portal done and a blog to share does not make one an OBAMA. He needs to be dynamic, unfortunately he is not. The internet marketing used has been very poor. Putting banners all across websites does not make Advani a hero. The creators of his portal(so called colleagues), shows a poor performance when it comes to mass appeal. Example; shows two SAME mundane lifeless banners on the same page. I must say he is wasting INDIAN finances. I'm no political guy. Recently he said "I have not seen a weak prime minister like Manmohan Singh". This shows how weak Advani is himself.

The best and the most dynamic Prime Minister India ever had was Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.
Young India needs to decide whom to elect, after all Our Future are in Our Hands.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


What ever you read below is nothing but sheer truth. Read them.. "It happens"! If it didn't still worth reading

Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

To Err is human, to forgive is not a COMPANY policy.

The road to success??.. Is always under construction.

Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but if you think again, neither does Milk.

In order to get a Loan, you first need to prove that you don't need it.

All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive or fattening or married to someone else.

Since Light travels faster than Sound, people appear brighter before you hear them speak.

Everyone has a scheme of getting rich?.. Which never works.

If at first you don't succeed? Destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

You can never determine which side of the bread to butter. If it falls down, it will always land on the buttered side.

Anything dropped on the floor will roll over to the most inaccessible corner.

As soon as you mention something?? if it is good, it is taken?. If it is bad, it happens.

He who has the gold, makes the rules ---- Murphy's golden rule.

If you come early, the bus is late. If you come late?? the bus is still late.

Once you have bought something, you will find the same item being sold somewhere else at a cheaper rate.

When in a queue, the other line always moves faster and the person in front of you will always have the most complex of transactions.

If you have paper, you don't have a pen??. If you have a pen, you don't have paper?? if you have both, no one calls.

And for engineering Students:
If you have bunked the class, the professor has taken attendance.

You will pick up maximum wrong on your cell phone numbers when on roaming.

The door bell or your mobile will always ring when you are in the bathroom.

After a long wait for bus no.20, two 20 number buses will always pull in together and the bus which you get in will be more crowded than the other.

If your exam is tomorrow, there will be a power cut tonight.

Irrespective of the direction of the wind, the smoke from the cigarette will always tend to go to the non-smoker

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Platfuse, Interactive Media Design & Flash broadcast

Bells & whistles. Its a great pleasure to announce the launch of Platfuse Studios, the face of our company. Check it out
A promo is already posted on YouTube

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to the Stock Market

The Stock Market simply illustrated. ...

Once upon a time in a village, a man appeared and announced to the
villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10. The villagers seeing that
there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching
them. The man bought thousands at $10 and as supply started to diminish,
the villagers stopped their effort. He further announced that he would now
buy at $20. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started
catching monkeys again. Soon the supply diminished even further and people
started going back to their farms. The offer rate increased to $25 and the
supply of monkeys became so little that it was an effort to even see a
monkey let alone catch it.

The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at $50! However, since he
had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now buy on
behalf of him. In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers.
Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I
will sell them to you at $35 and when the man returns from the city, you
can sell it to him for $50." The villagers squeezed up with all their
savings to buy the monkeys. Then they never saw the man nor his assistant,
only monkeys everywhere!

Welcome to the Stock Market!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

10 Immune Boosters


The juice from the biblical fruit of many seeds can reduce your risk of most cancers, thanks to polyphenols called ellagitannins, which give the fruit its color. In fact, a recent study at UCLA found that pomegranate juice slows the growth of prostate cancer cells by a factor of six. "Drink a cup a day," says Bowerman.

Chili peppers

"Chilis stimulate the metabolism, act as a natural blood thinner, and help release endorphins," says Gunnar Petersen, certified strength and conditioning specialist and a celebrity trainer. Plus, they're a great way to add flavor to food without increasing fat or calorie content. Chilis are also rich in beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in the blood and fights infections, as well as capsaicin, which inhibits neuropeptides (chemicals that cause inflammation). A recent study in the journal Cancer Research found that hot peppers even have anti-prostate-cancer properties. All this from half a chili pepper (or one tablespoon of chili flakes) every day.


Contrary to popular belief, ginger—a piquant addition to so many Asian dishes—isn't a root, it's a stem, which means it contains living compounds that improve your health. Chief among them is gingerol, a cancer suppressor that studies have shown to be particularly effective against that of the colon. Chop ginger or grind it fresh and add it to soy-marinated fish or chicken as often as you can. The more you can handle, the better.


"This potent little fruit can help prevent a range of diseases from cancer to heart disease," says Ryan Andrews, the director of research at Precision Nutrition, in Toronto, Canada. One serving (3.5 ounces) contains more antioxidants than any other fruit. Drizzle with lemon juice and mix with strawberries for a disease-fighting super snack.


Known for making desserts sweet and Indian food complex, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants that inhibit blood clotting and bacterial growth (including the bad-breath variety). "Studies also suggest that it may help stabilize blood sugar, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes," says dietitian Nancy Clark, author of Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook (Human Kinetics, 1996). "What's more, it may help reduce bad cholesterol. Try half a teaspoon a day in yogurt or oatmeal."

Sweet potatoes

Often confused with yams, this tuber is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. In addition to countering the effects of secondhand smoke and preventing diabetes, sweet potatoes contain glutathione, an antioxidant that can enhance nutrient metabolism and immune-system health, as well as protect against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, liver disease, cystic fibrosis, HIV, cancer, heart attack and stroke. "One sweet potato a day is a great alternative to the traditional variety," says Clark


"I think of tomatoes as the 'fighting herpes helper' for the divorcé crowd," says Petersen. Their lycopene content can also help protect against degenerative diseases. "Cooked tomatoes and tomato paste work best," he says. Shoot for half a tomato, or 12 to 20 ounces of tomato juice, a day.


Packed with potassium, manganese, and antioxidants, this fruit also helps support proper pH levels in the body, making it more difficult for pathogens to invade, says Petersen. Plus, the fiber in figs can lower insulin and blood-sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Select figs with dark skins (they contain more nutrients) and eat them alone or add them to trail mix. Newman's Own Fig Newmans are also a quick and easy way to boost the immune system. Aim for four figs per week.

Mushrooms (reiki, shiitake, maitake)

Delicious when added to brown rice or quinoa, these mushrooms are rich in the antioxidant ergothioneine, which protects cells from abnormal growth and replication. "In short, they reduce the risk of cancer," says Bowerman, who recommends half a cup once or twice a week. "Cooking them in red wine, which contains the antioxidant resveratrol, magnifies their immunity-boosting power."


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